Don’t miss the inaugural figure in the “Best of Spawn” series! Limited production runs featuring the all-time greats – fans’ most-requested Spawn figures in all-new packaging.::Originally released in Spawn Series 24, Spawn i.039 (“Santa” Spawn) remains one of the most popular Spawn figures ever. Santa Spawn is coming to town!

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This Japanese imported Mew Pokemon Monster Collection ~2″ PVC figure is extremely rare in US. The Monster Collection is the only official figure collection that features every Pokemon ever created. Each figure is beautifully crafted and is a must have for all Pokemon fans. Don’t miss the chance, start to collect ’em all! ****** This is a Japanese imported product, but like many US products, it’s made in China. ****** NOTE: The Monster Collection is generally recognized as a ~2″ mini-figure collection among fans. However, due to the unique design of each Pokemon figure, some of the figures may be smaller than 2″, and some of them may be bigger than 2″. If you are looking for the 2″ Monster Collection. This is the one you are looking for. If you are new to the collection and heard about a ‘2″ Monster Collection’ from someone, learn the fact — the whole collection is collectively known as a 2″ figure series, but each individual figure may be slightly different in size. THERE IS NO OTHER 2″ Monster Collection Pokemon mini figure. This is the one.

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Shaq is back and he’s hard to ignore in vinyl! Perhaps the most dominating center in basketball history, Shaquille O’Neal has made a career out of controlling the action in the paint. Players of his caliber don’t come along very often, and neither do remarkable figures like this one. This uncommon All-Star Vinyl rendition of Shaq in the Miami Heat’s ‘road’ black uniform really commands attention, just like the big man himself. He’ll cause quite a stir on your desk at home or in the office! Stands about 12-inches tall. Limited edition of 1,000 pieces.

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Long exposure to the freezing waste of deep space has irreversibly mutated Scourge. No longer a flame-spewing monster consumed by his passions, he is now a creature of ice and cold. Calculating, cruel and without mercy, he radiates a freezing aura that causes circuitry to short out and renders Autobot alloys brittle and easily shattered. His breath, once a raging firestorm, is now a creeping cold that sneaks into joints and mechanisms, destroying them from within. The blade of his axe is a razor-sharp shard of super cooled hydrogen ice that leaves a deadly numbness wherever it strikes. Insert key to activate features. He features electronic lights and sounds. Blazing eyes and dragon scream and tail becomes an axe. Cyber planet key included. Measures approximately 12″ long. Requires 3 button-cell batteries, included.

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After fulfilling a four-year Navy commitment, Staubach joined the Cowboys as a 27-year-old rookie in 1969. He wasn’t named the full-time starting quarterback until 1971, beginning nine years as the leader of the Cowboy attack. During those nine years. Staubach led the Cowboys to six NFL Championship Games, four NFC Championships and two titles. His elusive running style and never-say-die attitude earned him the nicknames “Roger Dodger” and “Captain Comeback.” Figure measures 6″.

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Julia Carpenter – the second Spider-Woman (aka Arachne), former member of the West Coast Avengers, and current member of Canada’s Omega Flight – is primed and ready for action in this striking bust from Bowen Designs! Sculpted by the Kucharek brothers, this bust stands 6 1/2″ tall. Comes painted and ready to display.

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Space battle during the Clone Wars is certainly a harrowing experience, especially for the most gifted pilot in the galaxy, Anakin Skywalker. Anakin is given some of the most challenging flight missions of any Jedi and handles them with great ease. Using the power of the Force, Anakin changes into Jedi starfighter mode and takes on an entire squadron of droid tri-fighters by himself!::Amazing Star Wars figure converts from Jedi starfighter vehicle to Jedi knight mode and back!::Star Wars character converts from Jedi Starfighter to Jedi knight and features 2 projectile lightsabers!

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