Driven by the pudgy Hayato, and almost as regular a fixture in the original anime as Amuro and the Gundam, the Guntank has languished for years with only a sub-par kit to represent it. Bandai has now corrected this injustice with a top-quality HG rendering of this long-time favorite! Tracks are made of flexible, easy to assemble plastic strips, but they don’t move on the completed kit. Arms, back cannons and cockpit/head are posable. Molded in the final colors and featuring snap-fit assembly.

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The much-anticipated MG kit of Destiny Gundam is here, and is definitely not one to disappoint! The joints on this sharply detailed MG kit are greatly improved to allow for a wider range of movement and are more capable of replicating action poses as seen in the show. The wings can open and close, and it comes complete with its signature weaponry along with in-scale unpainted figures of Shinn Asuka (sitting and standing) and Stella Loussier. Foil stickers and original design marking stickers are included for custom markings, plus a custom display stand to assist with dynamic action poses. This special Extreme Burst Mode set also includes beautiful wing effect parts, clear beam effect parts, and a metallic gray runner of some mechanical parts including hands, plus 1/20-scale clear figures of Shinn Asuka and Kira Yamato.

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At every hobby industry show in Japan for the last three years, I have been begging the Bandai people to do a Master Grade Sazabi, which is probably my favorite mecha of all time from the Gundam universe. I still cannot believe it has finally happened! There is nothing to complain about here at all. The kit looks great and includes everything you would expect it to. Even the little attack pods that mount on the back launchers have individually opening panels! Well, if there is one bad thing about this kit, it may be its size. True to the Master Grade series, it is a 1/100 kit, and with this mecha that means it’s almost 26cm (over 10 inches!) high when completed. The box is the same size as the Perfect Grade Gundam, and weighs 1.3kg.

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Build up a Zaku Warrior, then add Blaze or Gunner parts as you wish! This terrific snap-together kit contains parts for both versions, as well as clear plastic plates featuring Athrun Zala (Blaze Zaku Warrior) and Dearka Elthman (Gunner Zaku Warrior). All the parts are molded in colour, and polycaps are included for poseable joints.

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This relatively simple HG kit of the Mobile BuCUE, from the “Gundam Seed Destiny” universe, would make for an excellent evening project. The Mobile BuCUE is fully articulated with the help of polycap joints that allow for a wide range of movements to recreate its signature animal-like action stances. Its armaments include a double-edged beam saber, and a two-barrel 450mm railgun and 13-tube 400mm missile launcher attachment that you can swap in between.

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Bandai’s “BB Senshi Sangokuden Fuuun Gouketsu Hen” (“BB Warrior Romance Of The Three Kingdoms: Gathering of the Heroes Chapter”) is inspired by the story and characters of Chinese literary classic “Romance of the Three Kingdoms.” Each character in this series of easy-to-assemble snap-fit plastic kits features polycap joints, detachable armor parts, and heel stamps with the character’s name etched into both heels for you to stamp on anything you like when stamp dye (not included) is applied to the heels! A full-color manga chapter drawn by PLEX Tatsuhiko Shimoda is also included (printed on the assembly instructions sheet) with each kit in the series.::Inspired by character Lu Bu from the original Chinese epic, Ryofu Tallgeese is nicely detailed and comes armed with his Hajingeki halberd. Also included is a Sekitoba horse that is transformable into a Senrinkeitai bike. But wait, there’s one more special item in this deluxe set: a transformable weapon called Tengyokugai that can be used with four kits in the series! The weapon has four modes: Tengyokugai Shinbu for Ryofu Tallgeese, Tengyokugai Douko for Sonken Gundam, Tengyokugai Souryuu for Ryuubi Gundam, and Tengyokugai Enhou for Sousou Gundam (each linked below). Foil stickers are included so painting is not required, but would add a more realistic appearance to the final product. Instructions are in Japanese but extremely well illustrated so anyone can follow them.

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PRODUCT OVERVIEW This item is a posable, high-grade or better injection-plastic kit of an item from the Gundam universe. The famed G Gundam bad guy as a Master Grade kit, complete with figure of Toho Fuhai (aka “Master Asia”). Figure is posed in such as way as to look great when displayed side-by-side with the Domon Cash figure from the G Gundam kit. New type joints allow for great posing, including folding of the machine’s arms. Got the G Gundam? You gotta have this one, too!

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The Freedom Gundam is the most popular design from Gundam SEED, so it’s only natural that a fantastic Master Grade kit would come our way! 266 parts, plus polycaps for joints, foil stickers for coloured parts, clear stickers for warnings, and the usual dry transfers for insignia and other markings, are included in the box. Lots of weapons come along with it, of course (double-bladed beam sabre, beam rifle, and more!). The markings allow you to designate your Freedom Gundam as a Zaft machine, or as Kira’s personal machine, as you like. Included in that parts count is a display stand, to allow you to pose your Freedom Gundam in flight. WARNING: contains small parts not for children under 3 years.

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The beautiful and innocent Meer Campbell was one of the popular characters in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny. She had her body and face are surgically altered to be a body double for Lacus Clyne. Now this gorgeous body double makes her debut in this cute yet sexy figure! 1/8 Scale. Window box packaging.

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Cute, deformed version of the NRX-055-1 Gatesbound Dog. Kit is molded in color (stickers are included for detail areas with differing colors), and features snap-fit assembly. Limited poseability. Stands about 5cm tall when completed. Can be transformed in the mobile armor version as well.

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