Dragonstone Battlefield is the arena upon which a full-scale skirmish erupts between the Aurios and Argentix armies as they clash over the precious Azuldor Plasma Krystal

Reenact the moment with this 120-piece set that can be built differently each time you tell the story.

Included with Dragonstone Battlefield are the dragon Fyrebrand and the beast Beastclieff, both of whom are fully poseable and ready for fierce action.

Two versatile warriors and a cunning judge also come with Dragonstone Battlefield: Furioso is from the Aurios team and Hyvenom belongs with the Argentix battalion. Lindelwyn strives to be partial as he witnesses the fight for the Azuldor Plasma Krystal.

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In the world of dragons, the Siege Chariot is a force to be reckoned with

Make maximum use of this 195-piece war machine by mastering all of its fun, intricate features. Includes tri-launching ballista, catapult capture net and storage for an entire army. For instance, it can be reconfigured into a torture device in which no enemy would wish to be trappedAlso, parts of the Siege Chariot can be used to enlarge castles and gain more power.

The Siege Chariot comes with the spider dragon Drachnid and the beast Rhinehorn, both of whom are fully poseable and at your complete service in the hunt for ultimate power.

Two silver-clad Argentix named Rivstryker and Kiersond, as well as a gold-clad Aurios named Volksyre come with the Siege Chariot.

Finally, the Siege Chariot includes the Klarstone Plasma Krystal, which when mastered, inflicts maximum paralysis on enemies

Pair the Siege Chariot with Battlestorm Castle (96001) for greater conflict and more incredible legend building

Excellent for boys 6 years and up!

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Building the legend reaches the ultimate stage with this 405-piece, easy-to-build, multiple-construction-options Battlestorm Castle!

It is said that this magnificent edifice was built atop a dragons’ sacred nest. It is even rumored that parts of the castle can attach to the dragons themselves in mystical combinations What’s more, Battlestorm Castle boasts two launching catapults, a lowering drawbridge, secret traps, and chromed parts all at your control. FIre the ballista or defend walls with the working catapult.

To keep your story as adventurous as possible, Battlestorm Castle comes with 3 fierce, fully poseable dragons: Skullrattle, Groggskorn and Rynther.

Included in this ultimate building experience and poised to make their mark on Battlestorm Castle are 6 warriors: Rimmerstryke, Augustor and Wrangbryn wear gold and fly the Aurios’ flag; Strykastel, Dryaxor and Stielbane are a dazzling silver and committed to the Argentix.

Also included with Battlestorm Castle, is the powerful and highly sought Mitewizen Plasma Krystal, with which you may harness unheard of possibilities.

Rebuild Battlestorm Castle with Dragonstone Battlefield (9648), and there’s no telling just where your adventures will take you.

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Construct a final battle between Spider-Man and his enemies with this action-packed playset. It includes all four key characters: Spider-Man, Venom, Goblin and Sandman. Color-change Spider-Man. A zip-line brick provides a place for fast Spidey climbs. There’s even a Sandman pick-up truck that you can build and then “explode.” Figures measure approximately 2″ tall.

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The life-size Spider-Man bust provides great storage and action-packed play. It opens to reveal a buildable Goblin lab with Pumpkin bomb factory. Includes Spider-Man figure with 11 points of articulation and stunt for action play, plus an expandable web to catch bombs and capture Goblin. New Goblin villain figure with 11 points articulation and Sky Board with stunt stick. Playset measures 14″H x 8.5″W x 2.54″D. Goblin measures 2″ tall.

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The Kraken is a titanic, tentacled scourge of the seas, this legendary leviathan does the destructive bidding of the Flying Dutchman (1070), hunting down and playfully devouring its overwhelmed prey. This dynamic, 40-piece, action set includes a fully poseable and buildable Kraken monster that attacks the hapless world of Pirates of the Caribbean construction toys! Fully poseable tentacles capture prey and can even attach Bloks and figures onto its surfaces. A fully poseable and highly detailed Jack Sparrow (with battle damage deco) and the evil Lord Cutler Beckett are included in this set. Build the dock station and man the rowboat to defend against (or escape from) the monstrous ruler of the ocean! Look for a hidden webcode inside toy to unlock information online! Take total control of the seas by matching Danger from the Depth with Singapore Escape (1064) and Flagship Battlers Black Pearl (1069).

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This fully buildable playset replicates the exciting opening adventure scene – rescue Will Turner from Sao Feng’s pirate gang. Modular pit and hut system lets you build various configurations. Includes four exclusive figures, secret sewer tunnel passageway, and exploding fireworks cargo. 175 pieces. Measures 22″H x 10″W x 7.5″D.

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Action Figures Categories Megabloks Movie & TV Playsets Toys & Games