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From Japan to You! Banpresto’s coldcast resin statues of the lovely girls from Please Twins! (spin-off of the popular Please Teacher! anime from Bandai Entertainment). With a price as attractive as these young girls, these statues will be hard to pass up. This set of 3 individually packaged PVC statues includes: 1x Mizuho, 1x Karen, and 1x Miina.

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OK, start screaming! Next in the growing line of heart-stopping Transformers busts is the perpetually manipulative and rarely honorable Decepticon Starscream. Second in authority only to Megatron, Starscream’s sly machinations have earned him more than a little suspicion and doubt over the years. Perhaps that was part of his plan. Sculpted by Art Asylum and limited to 1,000 pieces, this remarkable 6-inch tall figure features a hand-numbered base with matching box and certificate of authenticity. You really should scream if you don’t get this one! Starscream is a Decepticon (or sometimes, Predacon) in the various fictional Transformers universes. He appears in several incarnations in the related comics, animated television series, and movies. Most variations of the Starscream character are extremely ambitious and treacherous, though how strong and successful he is varies. Often, Starscream is the leader of a group of Decepticon jets referred to as the Seekers, and in many manifestations he is also second-in-command of the Decepticons.

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A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! LAMENTO: BEYOND THE VOID is fantasy video game featuring neko characters (Cat Boys) facing the challenges of demons! From Nitro+, the makers of the smash hit TOGAINU NO CHI series, the renowned experts of the Yaoi B/L genre! LAMENTO has quickly become the best selling game in the ladies’ games market, even surpassing the sales of ‘True Blood’. While many companies produce Yaoi manga, only KOTOBUKIYA’s ‘ES Series’ brings you B/L characters as collectible toys! BARDO is the friendly innkeeper of RANSENI, who serves as something of a mentor to Konoe and Asato. As a former bounty hunter, Bardo still wears his combat suit and is always ready to join in a battle. Sculpted by Kouei Matsumoto, the Bardo PVC statue is in a crouched position, measuring 5 inches tall, and his sword can be stored in its scabbard. His striped tail is articulated at the joint, allowing for various poses. Based on fan voting, RAI is the most popular of all characters in the realm of Lamento. Cool and slightly arrogant, Rai is a bounty hunter easily identified by the eyepatch that he wears. Sculpted by Tatsumaki, this PVC statue stands 7 inches tall, and includes two swords (both can be stored in the character’s scabbards). Rai’s cloak is removable, enabling a variety of display options. Bardo and Rai both come on detailed display bases of the Mayoi forest. Once you’ve collected all four figures in this series (the first two cool cats are available now – Konoe & Asato!), you can create a diorama setting directly out of the LAMENTO universe! As a special bonus, each figure comes with CD. The CD contains an original audio drama story of Lamento!! This Japanese language drama is recorded only for this KOTOBUKIYA statue series, and there will be four different stories in total. The figure and CD sets are sure to be a very limited and sought after Yaoi collectible!

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Weta Collectibles has joined with Flagship Studios to create a line of spectacular collectible statues celebrating the drama and grandeur of the world of Hellgate-the highly anticipated, groundbreaking video game of 2007!

The archetype of the Hunter is obscure, cloaked in mystery and subterfuge. In one way they are an Assassin, a Ninja, a knife in the dark. In other ways, they are the Ronin, a highly-trained warrior with no master. In yet more, they are the Destroyer, a force of blazing gunfire and deadly accuracy that lays waste to any foe that stands in their way.

Format: 10.5″L x 14″W x 18″H, Limited to 1000 pieces

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Sideshow is pleased to announce that Medicom Toy Coporation has granted 1,000 pcs of the 12-inch RAH Jango Fett figure for the US market. The figure is highly authentic and film accurate, and ready to take life on your shelf in any dynamic pose that you desire. Medicom Toy’s RAH body is one of the most articulated 12-inch figure bodies available, capable of nearly any pose that the human (or superhero) body can achieve. Each Jango Fett figure includes interchangeable hands and a display base, a removable helmet, and comes packaged in a beautiful window display box.

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Goldilocks, she is not! From the popular Japanese video game and anime Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, comes this blazing hot Rider statue. Silent and sultry, she stands 11-inches tall at 1:6 scale and comes dressed solely in her black bikini. Don’t you just love the way those lovely long lavender locks frame her luscious curves? Don’t you just gotta have her?

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What beats a Smoking Monkey? No much, unless it’s a Smoking Monkey designed by award-winning artist, Frank Cho (Liberty Meadows, Shanna, Mighty Avengers), that’s what! Frank Cho gets his rightful due in the form of a 3-D vinyl statue of his quintessential character, Monkey Boy, from his temendously popular Image Comics series, Liberty Meadows. Highly limited in number, this Previews Exclusive 9″ Monkey Boy Vinyl Statue (rumored to be a humorous cartoon version of Frank himself) will fit perfectly in every Cho fan’s collection! Even plain ol’ monkey fans will appreciate the sheer beauty of a corporate monkey (check out the tie and sensible shoes!) wielding a bottle of “Corn Lightening” and puffing on his smoke.

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