Final Fantasy VIII (created by Square Co., Ltd. fot the Playstation and PC) was the eighth installment of the Final Fantasy series, and the second installment of the series to be released for the Playstation, earning more then $50 million in three weeks of its release. In the game, the nation of Galbadia inexplicably attacks the nearby nations of Dollet and Timber, who both request the aid of Balamb Garden, an elite military academy that trains mercenaries called SeeDs. Three newly-commissioned SeeDs, led by Squall Leonheart, are dispatched to deal with the conflict! Now, the popular characters from the best-selling game can be yours to collect and display! Each character is game accurate and features amazing detail and articulation. Choose from: Rinoa Heartilly (7 3/4″ tall), Selphie Timmett (6 1/2″ tall), Squall Leonhart (6 1/2 tall). Blister card packaging.

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Champions of Khorne live for fighting, when mounted on their daemonic steeds, both will engage the enemy in close quarter fighting. The box set contains a one Khorne Lord mounted on a Daemonic Steed. All models are to 28mm scale and will need assembly and painting.

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One in a collectible series of DC Comics’ Justice League characters, this hand-detailed figural paperweight from Monogram Masterworks features Red Tornado in a dynamic pose with his personal icon on the base. Standing 4 inches in height and made of resin material, this paperweight may be used on a desk or displayed on a shelf.

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The Vespid provide auxiliaries to Tau armies, who value them for their skill at negotiating dangerous ground at speed. They make ideal mobile reserve or flanking troops, though the Tau rely on the communion helm issued to the Strain Leaders to communicate with the Stingwings and coordinate their actions. Box contains 6 figures. All models are to 28mm scale and will need assembly and painting.

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Unquestionably loyal and obedient to her ruthless and abusive mother, Precia, Fate Testarossa of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A?s, is on a quest to seek out all the “Jewel Seeds? for her evil mother and will do anything to achieve her goal. Good Smile Company has created Fate is a very threatening pose, as she is geared for battle with a huge translucent broad sword. She is donning a dark blade and crimson red battle suit. Even with her sword up and ready to strike, Fate?s face is that of an innocent girl, stuck in her mother?s greed for power!

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Product Description:Where do you go to meet a battle vixen? Right here! This 1:6 scale figure of Kanu from Ikki Tousen (aka Battle Vixens) wears a dazzling blue and white uniform that covers all the right places! She is ready to put your eye out! Who needs an army when you got yourself the intimidating and very sensual, Kanu Unchou on your side? Seito High School’s A Rank prime fighter has never looked so sexy and deadly before. This elegant, yet fierce statue was beautifully crafted by Griffon Enterprise and represents the true essence of the girls of Ikki Tousen.

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Imagine your anime dream girl. Who would she be? Chances are, Takeshi Miyagawa (T’s System) may have skillfully sculpted her. He is a true master of transposing those feelings and emotions of those characters into their garage kit counterparts. Born in 1969, he diligently began sculpting in junior high, little did he realize at the time, his passion for his hobby would eventually become his career. As his skill matured over the years, he eventually showcased his works bi-annually at Japan’s premier garage kit & hobby expo. Many of his revered works include characters from Chobits, Ai Yori Aoshi, Love Hina, Ah! My Goddess, and many others including a multitude of his own alluringly original characters.

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Here we have a Superman DC Direct Classic Fleischer Statue Figure Maquette Limited……:::Inspired by the acclaimed Superman animated shorts of the 1940s created by the Fleischer Studios, this Superman maquette celebrates a true milestone in the art of animation. This authentically sculpted maquette captures Superman standing for Truth and Justice in his classic pose and is a must for every Superman fan. This limited edition, hand-painted cold-cast porcelain maquette measures approximately 9 1/8″ high x 5 7/8″ wide x 2 3/4″ deep and is packaged in a 4-color box.

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A Diamond Select Release! A Gentle Giant Design! The first of DST’s offerings for the 2007 film, this Preview Edition Ghost Rider Bust brings the motorcycle-riding Spirit of Vengeance to life as never before! Measuring an impressive 6″ tall and 11″ long, this Preview Edition Ghost Rider Bust features clear resin flames and an intricately designed portion of his unique motorcycle. Designed and sculpted by Gentle Giant and limited to 5,000 pieces, this bust also features a hand-numbered base with matching box and Certificate of Authenticity.


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Excel Saga Nishiki Roppanmatsu 1:8 Scale Exclusive Figure. This special color edition features a translucent coloring, and is a limited edition of just 800 pieces. As a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, very few remain and this may be your last chance to get this incredible piece! Inspired by the hilariously over-the-top manga / anime Excel Saga, Yamato proudly presents Nishiki Roppanmatsu as part of its Story! Image! Figure! EX collection! This 1/8 scale PVC statue based on the sculpture by Japan’s renowned ‘garage kit’ artist Toji Tanaka and painted by Shelby (FINE’S GARDEN) charmingly captures the spunk and perky personality of young, cat-girl robot Ropponmatsu. Packaged in a collector’s style window box, this pudgy, little cherub comes complete with detachable booster pack and clear blue display base… and with Menchi in tow there is sure to be a disaster close behind. A wonderful addition to the collections of Excel Saga fans and those who appreciate the amazing works of Japan’s finest sculptors!

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She just did something wrong, but how can you hold it against her when she looks like this? This Quiz Magic Academy Sharon 1:8 PVC Figure features a blonde girl, blue eyes, black school girl outfit, and innocent pose that will make knees buckle.

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