An award winning line of highly detailed and historically accurate action figures and accessories. The series include numerous titles from WWII including U.S. , German, British and Russian forces as well as many modern military and movie titles. Each figure has its own name, unique headsculpt and numerous accessories.

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This Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle wall scroll is made of a very soft cloth-like material and measures approximately 33″X13″X12″. The wall scroll comes with two horizontal plastic rods at the top and bottom of the wall scroll for easy hanging on your wall. All our scrolls are shipped in hard tubes to avoid damage during shipmen

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You watched the movie. You love the Transformers. Now you get a chance to bring home this limited edition Transformers crossover Nike miniature toy sneaker. (WARNING: This is NOT a real shoe. You are getting ONE — NOT ONE PAIR OF — miniature toy shoe ONLY.) Nike Japan and Takara Tomy have teamed up to make this faithful ~1/2 scale replica of the “Nike Free 7.0″ in red and white (around 6″ in length in shoe mode.) What makes this toy shoe so special is that you can turn it from a sneaker into our Transformers hero Optimus Prime. As a finishing touch, after the transformation, you will find that the transformed figure is wearing the same sneaker that it transforms into.

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A Bowen Designs Release! John Falsworth was born into aristocracy in the Victorian Era. His father William Falsworth died shortly before the start of World War I, leaving his fortune to his eldest son Montgomery. Frustrated and outraged John tried to make it on his own throughout Europe. One day while in Romania he set out to find Castle Dracula, which he did a month later. Having always believed in Dracula he sought to control him in order to gain great amounts of wealth and power. However when he came face-to-face with Dracula he succumbed to his mental powers and was bitten and died. Three nights later however John rose from the dead and became a vampire. Due to his influence in England, Dracula sent John back to England to cause chaos and wreak havok. Baron Blood stands in at approx. 7 1/2 inches tall and is sculpted by veteran Mark Newman for Bowen Designs.

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Hellboy Animated Kate Corrigan Mini Bust. Introducing the fourth mini-bust in a series inspired by Hellboy Animated-Kate Corrigan! A former professor at New York University, an authority on folklore and occult history, Dr. Corrigan has been a B.P.R.D. consultant for over ten years, now serving as a special liaison to the enhanced-talents task force. With Kate, you will have a well-rounded collection of B.P.R.D. members! 6 1/2-inches tall, limited edition of 1,200 pieces.

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Featuring the New Goblin taking to the skies on his supped-up glider, this ten-inch statue from Diamond Select Toys features the disguised Harry Osborne as he faces off against Spider-Man for the first time. Based on the new costume designs debuting in Spider-Man 3 and sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios, each statue is limited to 1,000 pieces and features a hand-numbered base with matching box and Certificate of Authenticity

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One touch lift off! Away Donatello goes into the skies! When a Mutant Turtle has to fly the unfriendly skies there’s only one way to do it – the Air Ninja way! With their missile-firing glider backpacks, detachable rocket pod leg boosters, top gun pilot helmets and levitation platforms (Donatello’s latest and greatest invention, complete with hook-ended grappling rope), these Air Ninjas are geared out to the max, ready to take the battle from he sewers, to the streets, and up, up and away into the skies! Measures approximately 6″ tall.

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