Japanese diorama snap kit for Star Wars. Each box is a mystery. Possible dioramas include Darth Maul vs. Qui-Gon Jinn, Han Solo and Chewbacca, Yoda in Dagobah, Boba Fett and Han Solo in Carbonite, or Luke Skywalker at Bespin.

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Easily one of the most beguiling characters in the nubile Dead or Alive arsenal, young Kasumi is depicted in her sparse blue dress, choker, waist sash, thigh-high stockings, shin guard boots and sparring gauntlets. Fragile and distractingly beautiful, the doe-eyed strawberry-blonde ninja honey is armed with her tasseled seppuku-style blade. Fixed to a base of roughhewn flagstones, she

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This Japanese imported Mew Pokemon Monster Collection ~2″ PVC figure is extremely rare in US. The Monster Collection is the only official figure collection that features every Pokemon ever created. Each figure is beautifully crafted and is a must have for all Pokemon fans. Don’t miss the chance, start to collect ’em all! ****** This is a Japanese imported product, but like many US products, it’s made in China. ****** NOTE: The Monster Collection is generally recognized as a ~2″ mini-figure collection among fans. However, due to the unique design of each Pokemon figure, some of the figures may be smaller than 2″, and some of them may be bigger than 2″. If you are looking for the 2″ Monster Collection. This is the one you are looking for. If you are new to the collection and heard about a ‘2″ Monster Collection’ from someone, learn the fact — the whole collection is collectively known as a 2″ figure series, but each individual figure may be slightly different in size. THERE IS NO OTHER 2″ Monster Collection Pokemon mini figure. This is the one.

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# The Golden Age of the Hawk Soldiers comes to life in this fifth assortment of miniature trading figures inspired by Kentaro Miura’s internationally acclaimed anime / manga Berserk. Featured in this collection are characters both old and new including: Guts, the Black Swordsman # Judeau # Corkus # Pippin # Rickert # Wyard

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Imported from Japan! Death Note, the Japanese anime now airing on Cartoon Network’s [adult swim], tells the story of Light, a high school student gifted by the shinigami a notebook – the Death Note – that means death for anyone whose name is written in it; Misa Amane, a pop star devoted to Light with her own Death Note; and L Lawliet, the intrepid detective determined to bring Light to justice. Medicom’s RAH – Real Action Heroes – figure line brings these three characters to life as 12″ tall figures with fabric clothing and fully-articulated joints. Don’t pass these up, lest Light inscribe your name in his Death Note!

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KINGDOM HEARTS FORMATION ARTS SERIES 2! A Square-Enix Japanese Import! Video gamers and fans of The Walt Disney Studios? classic cartoon characters were dazzled by the release of Square-Enix?s Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 games. Following in the footsteps of the best-selling first series if Formation Arts PVC figures, this second series is sure not to disappoint! This series includes the sweet heroine Kairi (5

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Typically a Microman action figure features 30 points of articulation, a translucent display base, and various equipment or accoutrements including a selection of alternate hands. The Pentagon is identified by the pentagram pattern marking his face and by the birdlike wings used to facilitate Pentagon

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