Corpse Bride Black Widow Statue

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Corpse Bride Black Widow Statue
Lookout…there is a HUGE spider on your desk! The arachnid friend of the Corpse Bride comforts her during her time of need. Let this statue of that gentle spider comfort you or maybe just scare away unwanted guests! Standing 12-inches tall, this limited edition statue includes a certificate of authenticity. Warner Bros. and Tim Burton team up in the story of The Corpse Bride. Johnny Depp voices Victor, who is set to marry Victoria. In the wake of a disastrous rehearsal, Victor goes into the woods to practices his vows. He even goes so far as to place the wedding ring meant for Victoria onto a tree root. Victor does the vows so perfectly that the tree root grabs hold of him. The root reveals itself as the decaying corpse of a woman wearing the tattered remains of a wedding gown. It’s the Corpse Bride!
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