This captivating doll brings Queen Amidala vividly to life in all her strenght, spirit and beauty! Her radiant Theed throne outfit features special snap on pieces for lots of great looks! Join Royal Elegance Queen Amidala on an exciting quest to free her planet from the evil Trade Federation forces!

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This great gift set includes miniature replicas of astronauts from the Apollo and Shuttle programs, a Space Shuttle, and a Saturn V Rocket.

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Since the first issue of Captain America Comics appeared on newsstands in 1941, Marvel’s Super Heroes have captured the imaginations of comic book fans. From Captain America’s® World War II-era battles with Nazi Germany to Spider-Man’s® famous credo “With great power there must also come–great responsibility!!” From The Hulk’s® destructive rage to Wolverine’s® dark and painful past, these characters have each inspired readers and defined the word Super Hero.::Presenting four historic, original statues and a thrilling, 128-page, full-color book featuring histories of these colossal characters, this retrospective edition commemorates Marvel’s most mighty figures in one stunning package.

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